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Car key programmer

VVDI MB W164 2010Y All keys lost without gateway

Used VVDI MB: I made W164ML 2010Y but not working for all keys lost, but can only read the info. Attach the error images:         Analysis: When you collect the EIS data, you should choose W164 not W166. Choose “IR” to read the EIS, to see if it can read out successfully. The result is: Of course I did. You cannot use password calculation. Reading of EIS data is possible. yeste...

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V1.5.3 Xhorse update kit Free Download

If you are looking for newest Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.5.3, you come to the right place. Xhorse update kit makes Xhorse tools upgrade online more easily. Xhorse update kit download on mega!BYhnmQ4A!K5LEu2ZjhBDMDOOkYMPCJjs-PuArEOAc5nKhUe57ERo 30.7 MB Security: 100% safe Uploaded by Xhorse Company Procedure: Download the mega link and unzip it. Double click “Upgrade kit.exe“, it will d...

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How to activate VVDI Mini Key Tool DI48 96bit License?

Here’s the step-by-step process to activate VVDI Mini Key Tool ID48 96 bit transponder clone function on new Xhorse App. Procedure: Step 1: Login App Login Xhorse App with mobile phone number and password For new users, need to register App first, check guide here Verify success Step 2: Select device Turn on Bluetooth and connect mini key tool Step 3: Combine device In main menu, select Device &am...

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Can VVDI Mini Key Tool clone Toyota H Transponder?

Q: Does the Mini Key Tool support Toyota H Transponder copy/cloning? A: No.  VVDI Mini Key Tool supports Toyota H chip generation but not copy/cloning. Q: What chip can be used to generate Toyota H transponder? A: Please use the Xhorse Toyota H chip here to generate: Xhorse VVDI2 WS21-4D Blank Chip 128Bit for Toyota H Transponder Generation Q: Will Xhorse VVDI2 clone Toyota H transponder? A: No, V...

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool clone Ford ID83 chip in new Xhorse App

Xhorse app runs faster than old VVDI Key Tool App.    The KeyTool registration procedure is the same as Mini Key Tool and Condor Dolphin. Check here: VVDI Key Tool 70/83 Online Calculation Transponder Clone->70/83 Online Calculation Put original key into Key Tool coil to recognize Identified Ford ID83 transpo...

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FAQ Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Remote Maker

Q: VVDI Mini Key Tool supports iOS system as well? A: Yes. Mini Key Tool is based on both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Q: What’s the main difference between VVDI Key Tool and new Mini Key Tool? A:  VVDI Mini Keytool vs. VVDI KEY TOOL: Similarities: VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI KEYTOOL are the same in the aspect of remote and chip generation & copy. Differences: 1. VVDI KEY TOOL ca...

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Toyota Hilux 2014 Remote Key Programming with VVDI Key Tool

How to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote maker to program a new remote key on a Toyota Hilux 2014? Vehicle: Toyota Hilux 2014 3.0 D-4D Tools required: Original key Xhorse universal key Toyota type (3-button) VVDI Key Tool    Procedure: Insert xhorse remote key into keytool In VVDI keytool, Select Remote/Smart Program->Remote Key->Asia->Toyota->Camry Thailand       &nb...

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