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BMW F30 95128 eeprom Data Lost Solved by VVDI

Question: BMW f30 after desoldering 95128 eeprom all data lost {maybe overheated } in new eprom I wrote data from another FEM but car now starts only from emergency coil { remote did not works} I tried to write many dumps from another fem . update FEM with ISTA , but remote still not works is there any possibility to restore data ? what if I add new key ? remote will works on new key ? OR I NEED T...

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What jobs need tokens when using VVDI Mini Key Tool?

Have a question with vvdi mini key tool: What kind of work do tokens require?  do I need a token for all cloning? and what other jobs does the token require? Xhorse engineer replied: So far, ID48 (96 bit) online calculation requires token. And Toyota H (8A) online calculation requires token or bonus points ( except you use Xhorse super chip that won’t require token). You can login Xhose APP, enter...

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VVDI Mini Key Tool Database V207 New Added Model List

Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool remote database released to version 207 (25-12-2019) supports more models supports more remotes supports more KeylessGo V207 Database newly added model/Remote/KeylessGo Infiniti KeylessGo ID47 Nissan ID47 2308 Nissan ID46 2383 Infiniti KeylessGo ID4A(panic) Infiniti Q70L KeylessGo ID46 315MHz FX35 (2009-2012) KeylessGo QX80 ID46 2383 Intinifi KR5S18014406 5btn 2315 Infini...

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Free OBD48 Cloning License Activation for VVDI2

Xhorse released new year promotion- Free OBD48 cloning activation for Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer. From Jan. 1st, 2020. It is for VVDI2. VVDI Key Tool does not have OBD48 copy function. Providing your VVDI2 serial number to us to activate.     Contact us to activate the license for free. Skype: Whatsapp:  +86 13559259147 Email:

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VW Amarok 2016 Lost Keys and Copy Key by VAG OBD Helper

VW Amarok 2016 keys of 0 Lost keys or copy only with vag obd helper If you only have vag helper anything else? Now you can make these vehicles. I asked for your calculation TP ready to start Clone of one of the existing keys Generation of dealer key Key possible     Thanks.

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VVDI Key Tool Cannot Generate 4D64 Chip Solution

Can i generate Dodge 4D64 using vvdi super chip? I have checked the super chip available list that 4D is supported. But I failed to generate 4D64 chip using the old VVDI Key Tool. Check error images below:         VVDISHOP solution: You should update your VVDI Key Tool firmware to latest V3.3.1 using Xhorse Upgrade Kit. Your version 3.2.9 has some bugs. Update your firmware and...

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Xhorse VVDI BMW ECU CAS DDE Module Change Type List

These are frequently asked questions about Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool. 1. Can i change/replace ECU or CAS module in vehicle with vvdi bmw? 2. Can i replace the DDE or DME module using the new BMW tool? 3. VVDI BMW cannot change CAS2 ISN and VIN with EEPROM dump? 4. Possible to replace FEM/BDC module with vvdi bmw? solution: VVDI BMW can change/replace ECU/CAS/DDE/DME module in vehicle. But ...

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