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Can Autel IM508 Precode and Program VVDI Super Chip?

Question: I would like to ask you if Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro can precode and program Xhorse VVDI super chip XT27? Can you please take the time to explain to me how i can use my tools to program these VVDI super chips.       Answer: Super chip NEED TO BE CONVERTED to the required ID before programming. This chip is from Xhorse you need to use Xhorse tool for it, same situation as you...

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Xhorse VVDI BE Key Yellow V3.2 vs Green V1.5

Xhorse Tech rolls out new VVDI MB BE Key pro V3.2 with yellow board in 2022. What’s the difference between new BE key and the old one with green board?       Item VVDI BE Key Yellow Board VVDI BE Key Green Board Image Version V3.2 V1.5 Frequency 315Mhz/433MHz 315Mhz/433MHz Points  without 200 points  with 200 points (can be exchanged to 1 MB Token) Compatible devices Multiple MB pro...

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Will Xhorse VVDI Super Chip Clone MB T5 Transponder?

It is possible to generate old Mercdes sprinter 2003 T5 transponder using xhorse vvdi super chip xt27?       It is cloneable but need luck. It failed on Actros and Axor,  xt27 does not work, cannot start car and gives MR code on instrument cluster. Maybe Sprinter is different. Better use T5 glass transponder. Clone perfectly on Zedbul to T5 glass transponder. Also CN900 can clone it...

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Xhorse SW-007 Smart Watch Unbiased Review

I am going to show you this new xhorse smart watch that I have here.   Basically, this is my new car key. I don’t need the regular factory Acura key.   I just programmed this watch to the vehicle so whenever I want to get in the car, I don’t need the regular key. I can just use this key right here. This is the actual watch you can put on our wrist and it has buttons here on the side. &nb...

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Generate Chevrolet Spark 8E Xhorse Super Chip Not Working?

Problem: I tried to generate xhorse super chip xt27 to ID8E for Chevrolet Spark 2011 but it doesn’t work. Has this happened to any of you before?     Solution: It’s 8E precoded spark, vvdi super chip doesn’t work. Doesn’t work for Honda either (8E is working for Honda as well). You can only generate 8E for Audi with xhorse. For Audi you need 8E aftermarket or OEM. Only way to make this c...

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How to Generate Ford PC7935 Transponder by VVDI Super Chip?

Problem: I programmed the Ford Galaxy 2001 transponder key using xhorse super chip xt27 chip. VVDI2 says prepare dealer key success. but it did not work, car did not start. Do I need a chip for ford pcf7935?       Solution: 1. Best solution is geniue original 7935 chip. 2. Customer solution: Generate Mercedes ML (using this option) with xhorse vvdi mini key tool/key tool max. it’s a...

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Xhorse XSTO00EN XM28 vs XSTO01EN XM38 Smart Remote

What’s the difference between Xhorse Toyota XM28 and XM38 proximity smart keys? Check compatible table first: Xhorse XM28 Smart Key Xhorse XM38 Smart Key Image Part Number XSTO00EN XSTO01EN Frequency 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz. 312MHZ~434MHZ Chip Type 8A 4D 8A 4D 4A all in one renew and rewrite (re-generate) Yes Yes Customize key buttons Yes Yes Support version (board numbers) 0020 3370 6601 0111...

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