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VVDI MB Renew Mercedes SIM271 ECUs no Soldering

With one extra renew cable, Xhorse VVDI MB tool is able to renew Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 or SIM271K22.0 ECU on Bench. Which will easy the job and save time. Renew  SIMDE2.0 ECU: This is Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 renew cable: And this is how it connect with vvdi mb tool: It is simple to use Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 renew cable and vvdi mb t...

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VVDI MB ECU Renew Wiring and Connection

Need one best and cheap MB ECU renew tool mainly for sim271de/ke20, Sim4se, me9.7, Cr3.xx , cr4 etc, Xhorse VVDI MB tool is the top choice for many renewal work. I am sure u will be happy. For token point, yes it has a token system but there is an unlimited token option too. It can do many brands, make keys, renew keys and many more options. In details: vvdi mb tool renew Sim4se ECU vvdi mb tool r...

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Xhorse App adds VVDI Mini Key Tool OEM 46 Chip Copy

Xhorse APP released to new version V1.7. V1.7.5 New Feature – New AKL (all keys lost) support: VVDI Key Tool supports BYD all keys lost – New chip support: VVDI Mini Key Tool supports OEM 46 chip copy – New language: Turkish (Local dealer)  

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VVDI BMW Tool Review on BMW X6 CAS3++ Dealer Key

New customer feedback: Xhorse VVDI BMW tool program 315MHz remote key for BMW X6 CAS3++ immobilizer success, it’s good. Make sure your vehicle has enough power supply.       Remote control works. The new key can start vehicle.

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VVDI Mini Key Tool Special Clone Key Requirement

Question: My vvdi mini key tool failed to clone remote control on  a Toyota Corolla. It gave an error “SN2 model detected, special clone only support wire key. please change key model.” Check error display below: VVDISHOP Solution: Change a wired key to clone. To perform special clone, you can only wired key. Cannot use wireless key or other type key.

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How to use VVDI2 to solve problems with E90 CAS3 (bricked)?

I dumped and modified the OL15Y chip in my CAS3 which seemed to go well, until I tried to start the car. The mileage was reading the same on the Dash and CAS readouts in INPA, but whenever I went to start the car, it would spin the starter motor but no start. I tried to run the CAS>>DME sync in Inpa and also ISTAd to clear the fault for my CAS and DME to communicate, but it failed every time...

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4 Steps to Program Benz S500 W221 All Keys Lost with VVDI MB

How-to program Mercedes Benz W500 Year 2008 chassis W221 key with VVDI MB BGA Tool when all keys lost. Step 1: Read EIS Data Choose chassis W221 and read EIS data Reading data success. Save EIS data Save HC05 format file Step 2: Calculate password Select Password Calculation Select IR mode and chassis W221 Press Data Acquisition Connect VVDI OBD cable to OBD on bench before continue Connect IR ada...

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