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Car key programmer

How to choose a better car remote renew tool

We know MK3: Positive point: First in this work, many remote on list, additional option like “HITAG emulator” Negative point: PRICE 1800$ VVDI KEY TOOL: Positive point: We can add this adapter to renew keys without soldering, it’s optional and NOT mandatory Thanks t...

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VVDI MB, Diagspeed and AVDI Comparison

Question before entering: we know these tools (Diagspeed, AVDI and VVDI MB) can do 204 lost key but which one is better / more reliable? And support?   Locksmith experiences and suggestions: 1.   VVDI MB Tool can do W204 all key lost yet too.. i think via latest video is real reading right pass, no any change eis dump check post: VVDI MB BGA W204 all keys lost and token feedback   2.  AV...

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VVDI MB disable Benz E260L 2011 key via OBD

Guide to disable Mercedes E260L 2011 key by using Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool Mercedes key programmer.   Key information: Original key: 3 button semi intelligent key Frequency: 433MHz Start: insert key to start engine Disable key device: VVDI MB   Procedure: 1.Connect VVDI MB Tool with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket. Turn ignition switch to ON position. Open VVDI MB BGA software, select E...

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VVDI Key Tool Renew Cable for VVDI and MK3 MasterKey III

Note: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool renew adapters package comes with a renew adapter cable that can be used with MasterKey III MK3 key programmer.   Function of the VVDI Key Tool Adapters: can renew different kinds of used original remote keys. Key Renew Adapters, 12pcs/set,it is used to work with VVDI KEY TOOL remote maker. VVDI key tool renew adapter in detail: VVDI Key Tool Renew ...

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(Solved) VVDI Key Tool unknow Software Hardware version

Problem: hello good day, can you help me please? I have updated my Xhorse VVDI key tool remote generator, but then nothing display in the screen, shows SN, SW, HW (serial number, hardware, software) unknown error, device can not use, how to solve? Warning: Do not try to update your vvdi key tool!!!     How to solve the error? If you already updated vvdi remote maker by mistake, please wa...

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