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VVDI Key Tool Renew Nissan 4A Smart Remote

Unlocking Nissan proximity smart remote with vvdi key tool succeed. Prox information: Nissan AES 4A smart key A232800800 5BTN 433MHz Wiring connection:     Renew prox succeed     VVDI mini key tool adds remote renew function as well. You need to use extra renew cable.

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Toyota Corolla (2019+) KeylessGo ID4A Remote Generation

Toyota Corolla (2019+) KeylessGo ID4A Frequency: 433.92 FSK Remote: Smart key Purpose: Generate remote Tool to use: Xhorse VVDI Key tool Max Procedure: In Xhorse app, select Toyota->Corolla (2019+) KeylessGo ID4A ->Generate Remote Please look at these images below.     

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Renew Renault Clio4 Proximity Remote with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Remote renew function is available in vvdi mini key tool. Here’s a demo on unlocking Renault Clio4 Proximity Remotes with Mini Key Tool. *VVDI mini key tool requires a renew cable to unlock remote. You can use your old vvdi key tool renew cable or make your own. Unlock  Renault Clio4 remote: Run Xhorse App, pair mini key tool via Bluetooth Select Special Function->Remote Renew->Renault->2...

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What Fiat Vehicle Does VVDI2 Full Support?

Xhorse VVDI2 full cannot program Fiat key via OBD directly (it does not have Fiat software). But it can make dealer key via dump in Transponder and programmer. VVDI2 full supports following Fiat vehicles: Albea Barchetta Brava Burstner Viseo Cinquecento Coupe Croma Doblo Ducato Grande Punto Idea Linea Marea Marengo Multipla Palio Panda Punto Scudo Sedici Seicento Siena Stilo Strada Tempra 500 &nbs...

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VVDI Key Tool Remote Database V214 Updated Honda KeylessGo ID47

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool/ VVDI Key Tool Max remote/KeylessGo database V214 Update (2020-03-10) KeylessGo: +Add Honda Lead Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda Ablade Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda Vision Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda Vario Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda SH(2015-2016) Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda PCX (2015-2016) Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda SH (2017+) Moto KeylessGo ID47 +Add Honda SH30...

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VVDI Key Tool Max clone Kia ID46 Smart Remote

How to copy/clone a smart key using VVDI Key Tool Max? Here takes an example of Kia ID46 smart key cloning. You’ll need: A original smart key A Xhorse smart remote key VVDI Key Tool Max Put original smart key into key tool max’s induction area Select Remote Clone->Transponder Clone->ID46 online calculation->->Copy proximity remote *Online calculation requires network connection.  ...

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Tip on Clone Kia Smart Key Chip with VVDI Mini Key Tool

Used VVDI MINI key tool to clone smart key chip Kia Sorento, get the following error message ” Error, is original key? If its aftermarket chip, please use aftermarket chip to clone”. Xhorse chief engineer replied: For smart key, please use vvdi mini key tool to generate remote first, then directly program the key. Don’t copy, otherwise you only copy the immobilizer chip and it can be only used for...

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