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VVDI Key Tool Max Program BMW X1 CAS3+ Key via IMMO Data Tool

How-to Program BMW X1 CAS3+ Key using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Vvdi Key Tool Max programmers. Update your keytool max to latest version because the file make key function (IMMO Data Tool) is required. Main steps:  Step 1: Read dump data Step 2: Prepare dealer key Step 3: Write data back Step 4: Test key Procedure: Step 1:  Remove CAS3+ module from vehicle and disassemble the unit In VVDI Prog software...

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How to File Make Key with VVDI Key Tool Max?

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max released new “File Make Key” function in July 2020. How to use the FILE MAKE KEY function ? *Only on KeyTool Max* 1. Click Special Function 2. Select IMMO data tool 3. Select Car brand and model 4. Select Country 5. Click Load 6. Open a browser window, enter the URL, address 7. Scan the QR code with the Xhorse App 8. Click Quick login, scan PC QR cod...

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How to Repair BE key from a w639 vito with status 4545?

Question: I have a Be key from a w639 vito with status 4545 which needs fixing, any tip as how to fix this? I managed to read its password, not sure what to do next!. Solution: Read the eis data on bench via kline, then vvdi mb made a new Be key file with password, and is working now I bought them from, so don’t know if they are xhorse or not, with one battery type. Suggestion: Just p...

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Top 20 Reasons to Get Xhorse VVDI Remotes

Xhorse Remotes can be divided into these categories: XE Series Super Remote XS Series Smart Remote XN Series Wireless Remote (With transponder) XK Series Wired Remote (Without transponder)     Why choose Xhorse remotes?  Check top 20 reasons bellow: REASON 1 Outstanding Appearance Design Have you ever deeply impressed by the appearance of Xhorse remotes? For people who usually use vehicl...

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VVDI Key Tool Max released File Make Key Function

This new update makes VVDI KEY TOOL MAX a must buy for all locksmiths. This function is “File Make Key“. (remove immo box and read eeprom and directly write transponder). Free cloud storage for temporary data. Key Tool Max File Make Key Support List Asia Acura Besturn Brilliance Chang An Chery China Immobox Daewoo Daihatsu Geely Great Wall Haima Honda Hyundai IKCO Infiniti Isuzu Kawasaki Kia Lexus...

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Jeep Compass 2018 All Keys Lost Programming with VVDI

How-to: Jeep Compass 2018 up 4A chip all smart keys lost key programming with VVDI KEY TOOL MAX and VVDI MINI OBD TOOL. Devices required: VVDI key tool max VVDI Mini OBD tool Xhorse universal remote key  Step 1: Generate remote with key tool max Insert Xhorse universal remote into vvdi key tool max‘s induction coil Run Xhorse App Select Vehicle Remote->Jeep->Compass-> 2017+ KeylessGo ID4A...

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2 Ways to exchange VVDI MB FBS3 Smart Key Frequency

Similar as Xhorse VVDI BE key pro, users can exchange the VVDI MB FBS3 keylessgo smart keyfrequency between 315MHz and 433MH. The reusable FBS3 smart key is compatible with most Mercedes key programmers on the aftermarket. 2 Ways to exchange frequency: Method 1: If you have VVDI MB Tool, it is easy to change frequency in vvdi mb software (update software to latest version) Select Other Function-&g...

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