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Where to Find CG FC200 ECU Programmer Wiring Diagram?

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Wiring Diagram (364 items in total): Actually, after installing the software of CG FC200, the ecu wiring diagram will be automatically generated (under the installation directory of the Disk C: driver) CG FC200 V1.0.1.0 free download:     &...

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What is the Best 9S12 Programmer?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a good programmer for mcu 9s12 family that can also work with XEQ, and other masks.       Best 9S12 Programmer Reviews: Worked with everything (VVDI prog, r270, xprog, etc). I know it’s kind of luck, but among 100s of processor I have never killed a single one. With all the respect possible, develop your research and soldering skills. With right pino...

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Read BMW EDC16c35 ISN by CGDI or VVDI2

How to read ISN of EDC16c35 (for example in encrypted CAS3 + when all keys are lost)? An increasing number of locksmiths verified CGDI Yes, Autohex Yes, VVDI No.       Autohex: Yes, but not on bench Tried ISN extraction via ON-BENCH, didn’t work Finally succeeded with the following steps: -> copy content of 96540 eeprom of original-ECU to donor-ecu -> coded the donor-ecu to th...

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How to use AT-200 to Clone BMW MSV80?

I’d like to share my experience with the AT-200 ECU Programmer and MSV80 unlock upgrade.  I had three codes on a customers’ vehicle that came in 2011 BMW 328Cic: 2E7C BSD (Bit-Serial Data Interface) data bus communications fault 2F71 Digital Motor Electronics (DME): electronics box fan, activation 2B3D Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DMTL), system fault   While it’s possible all these present...

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CGDI MB Reset Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7G TCU

CGDI Prog MB is possible to reset/erase Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7g TCU Transmission Control Unit.  Check step-by-step instructions below:   Run CGDI MB software Select Auto Commuter function Select engine type: TCU   Check wiring diagram Follow diagram to connect cgdi mb with TCU         The diagram need external 12V power. must follow the diagram . Some EGS cable that cu...

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CG-Pro 9S12 “No Found Key” Error Working Solution

Here's the engineer solution to CG pro 9s12 programmer can not detect the key chip and shows error “No found key”. 1, First remove the cover with coil of the cg-pro, and place it as shown in the picture below. And then try to write key.   2. Write key follow cg pro prompts, if still not working, try to put the chip into these places marked red below 3. Avoid touching the coil position by hand...

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AT-200 Read and Write BMW B48 EEPROM Flash

CG AT-200 ecu programmer newly updated BMW F and G series B48 B58 ISN reading, EEPROM & FLASH data reading and writing on bench mode. Example: AT-200 read B48 G series ISN on bench Read ISN Select Brand BMW-> BMW-MG1CS002/MG1CS003_B48/B58_G in AT200 software Check wiring diagram to at200 Connect B48 DME ecu with AT-200 via tester cable     Identify DME information (click to enlarg...

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