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How to use CG100X to Change VAG MQB R7F701407 Mileage?

Tutorial: how to correct VAG MQB RH850 R7F701407 (5A Cluster) odometer using CGDI CG100X programmer.   It’s a VW Tiguan L 2019. 5C cluster. Cluster number: 5NG 920 650C.     First of all, record original mileage. CG100X will show you a wiring diagram (12V (ON) instrument startup diagram) to activate (power on) instrument cluster.   Take a photo of the instrument and the origina...

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How to Change GWM TANK 300 R7F701583 Mileage by CG100X

Most modern vehicles now use large LCD screen. It looks more beautiful, concise, and cool. But it is not easy to disassemble the cluster when calibrating the mileage of the instrument. The instrument has an LCD display that is easily damaged and has a high risk of damage. But now most LCD instrument models are used as display screens, which do not contain storage chips, the CPU processors are stor...

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How to use the CG FC200 ecu programmer to read and write EDC17CP44 ECU. It’s from an Audi car. This ECU has some internal damage on the unit but it’s working to be able to read and write. Here we will read and write this ecu with fc200 on bench mode (when the software subscription expired). See what worked and failed.   Select ECU and check wiring diagram Connect ECU with FC200 follow the wir...

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How to Repair Toyota Encrypted Denso Airbag with CG70?

Tutorial: How to repair Toyota R7F7 series encrypted airbag modules by CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool.   CG70 will repair these airbags without disassembly, no need to open cover, no need to solder, no need to purchase any special adapter.  It connects the pins of the airbag computer through the CAN protocol, you can diagnose the information of the airbag computer, clear the fault code, and repa...

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CG100 Software is Not Authorized Solution

Problem: I have a problem with my cg100 prog ii airbag reset device (full version). It says software is not authorized and cannot be used. My device is not yet expired (till Feb. 2024). Any solution?         Solution: Select Server Connection as Mainland China. Restart software, it should be fine. If the software subscription expires, order subscription here: $89 per year. http...

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Tops Tools to Read GM ACDelco E98 by OBD or Bench

Are you looking for a reading tool for GM Opel ACDelco E98? Here’s the clue. 1). Foxflash/KT200: OBD & Bench Both Foxflash and KT200 read/write Delco E98 without problem. Bench mode is recommended and it is faster. Some users also tested working in OBD mode. OBD works but takes longer. The network is very important. Better read it full system on bench.       check pinout and ins...

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CG FC200 Adds BMW E Series ZF 8HP Gearbox

CG FC100 ecu programmer released new software update on V1.1.5.0. Software Version: [] Time: 2023-08-10 Content: 1. New ECU Added BOSCH ECU EDC16U31, EDC16C1, EDC16C10, EDC16C31, EDC16C32, EDC16C34, EDC16C35, EDC16C36, EDC16C37,EDC16C39, EDC16C41, EDC16C9, EDC16CP33, EDC16CP34, EDC16CP36, EDC16CP39, EDC16U34,EDC16UC40, ME9.1.1, ME9.6.1 ,DCU17HD01, DCU17PC42, DCU17PC43, DCU17CV51, DCU17PC_DN...

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