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Condor XC-Mini

How to Calibrate Condor XC-Mini Plus Clamp and Cutting?

How to calibrate Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus automatic key cutting machine? This post is going to show the procedure in details.   Power on Condor XC-Mini Plus, press “Self Test” on main menu.       Step 1. Height Level Adjustment To start this process, make sure the cutter is lower than the probe. Press “Height Level Adjustment”.   Reminder: Install and tighten Clamp M1. t...

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BMW HU58 Key Cutting by Xhorse Dolphin XP005

Hey everybody, I am here and ready to cut a HU58 key for a 1996 BMW 3 series lock. I will use the Xhorse Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine controlled by VVDI Key Tool Max to complete.   I have decoded the key bitting that A track is 23312, B track is 3441, and the lock number is BH130746. So let’s go ahead to xhorse app.       Cut by bitting >> HU58 >> Silca – HU58 ...

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How to Customize Key Database for Xhorse Dolphin XP005?

When we need to cut some keys that cannot find in Xhorse Dolphin XP005 database, customize key data function maybe a good option to realize. This function is designed for experienced locksmiths.   Procedure Go to Xhorse app, connect to Dolphin XP005 machine:   Customize key data >> Add mode >> Standard double sided         Enter relevant parameter, includi...

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Condor XC-Mini Plus Cut a Key for Fiat Ducato 2006-

What is going on, guys? Today I’m gonna use Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus to copy and cut a new key for Fiat Ducato year 2006 up. Here are 2 Fiat keys, the right one is original key, and the left one is new key to be cut.   Follow me, go to the Condor XC-Mini Plus tablet.   Key duplication >> Fiat >> Ducato >> After 2006 >> Confirm         Put the orig...

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Dolphin XP005 + VVDI Key Tool Max Cut Suzuki Swift Key

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 + VVDI Key Tool Max to cut a key for Suzuki Swift? Today I will make a quick demonstration for its procedure.   Connect VVDI Key Tool Max and Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine via Bluetooth for smart control, prepare an original key and a new for ready, then get to start:   Vehicle database >> Suzuki >> Swift >> Swift-New >> OK &nbs...

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How to Cut SC1 key by Dolphin XP005 and M4 Jaw?

Problem: I have Key decode error with xhorse m4 jaw. The Xhorse application doesn’t let me calibrate the m4. My work around has been to pause the machine mid decoding and then lower the probe with a allen wrench. Suggestion: You can go under universal duplication. Sc1 doesn’t have a key profile on xhorse app. Select M4 clamp. If you can put something under to lift it up a bit it should work. Xhors...

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How to work Condor XC-Mini and Mini Plus on Xhorse App?

Good News ! Now Xhorse CONDOR XC MINI & Condor XC-MINI PLUS can work on Xhorse App. Using same Dolphin database. 1. Support the Condor machine with the first 4 digits code of the serial number: “KM03” and “KM05” 2. Users need to Upgrade the firmware and Xhorse App to latest version. KM03 firmware version: 6.1.3 (App version 1.9.4) KM05 firmware version 3.1.3 (App version 1.9.4) How to make Con...

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