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Condor XC-Mini

Xhorse Key Reader + Dolphin XP005 Decode Ford F250 HU101

How to use Xhorse Key Reader + Dolphin XP005 to decode & duplicate a flip key for 2017 Ford F250? Follow the operation below I’m gonna show you.         Prepare a Ford working key. Connect to Dolphin XP005 in Xhorse app, click Optical identification >> Ford >> All key blank >> HU101 >> OK Install M2-A clamp & key blank as prompted.   Connect...

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Xhorse Condor Date Reset Everytime Turn on Power Solution

Problem: My old xhorse condor xc-mini key cutting date reset. The date is reset every time I turn on the power. It doesn’t come up right away. Any idea? Solution: Unscrew 3 screws marked red below, remove condor screen and shell. The main board is on the left side, unscrew another 3 screws to take out main board Find out battery CR1220, replace a new battery. For example, the battery of condor min...

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How to use Condor Mini Plus II to Duplicate Mul-T-Lock Dimple Key?

Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II can support to duplicate mul-t-lock dimple household key successfully. Read the operation below to learn how to do it.   Tools Needed 1.0mm probe Dimple internal cutter/ Dimple external cutter M5 clamp An original key   Procedure Step1. 1st Time Height Calibration Install the probe and the dimple internal cutter, fix the clamp tightened; Tap “Settings >&g...

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Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Decode and Cut VW HU66 Key

This is an Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Review for the first time to cut a VW HU66 key. I have an original working key, so will test its decode function as well.   Power on Dolphin XP005L machine, there’s a line of light is awaken. Go to Vehicle database >> Volkswagen >> All key blank >> HU66   Align M5 clamp side B as prompted. Fix the VW working key on. OK >> Learn key &nbs...

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How to use Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II Engrave Key Function?

Key blank engraving is an optional cutter newly developed for Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II key cutting machine. The cutter allows locksmiths to engrave a unique key as need. It supports to engrave numbers, letters and simple patterns.   The older model such as Condor Mini Plus or Dolphin XP005 is not available for this feature currently.   How to engrave a unique key blank? Step1. Inser...

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What is New in Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II?

New generation key cutting machine developed by Xhorse is released recently. As upgrade version of Condor Mini Plus, what’s new in Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II?   New Features Multi-Purpose Clamps Condor XC-Mini Plus II is equipped with M5 and M3 Clamp in standard. M1, M2, M4 Clamp for options. Thereinto, M5 is a 2-in-1 clamp of M1&M2, supports 2 track external, channel track, standard s...

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Xhorse Key Reader Review TOY43 HU66 KIA7 HU113R All OK

Yesterday I got a new gadget to help read key bitting codes. It is called Xhorse Key Reader blade skimmer. So I just can’t wait to test how many keys it supports to identify. Let’s start!   I can control the small tool through Xhorse Key Reader App on a phone or VVDI Key Tool Max. Anyway, that sounds very convenient. I can also cut a key directly if connecting with a Dolphin XP005 key cutting...

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