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Diagnostic Software

(06.2018) Volvo Tech Tool 2.6.60 – Remote Installation & Activation Help

Hello guys, Premium Tech Tool is updated to version 2.6.60: Volvo PTT 2.6.60 Developer Tool Plus APCI (-M) 5/15/2018 APCI+ (-A) 4/16/2018 APCI+ (-M) 4/16/2018 VisFed 0.3.1 With FREE Volvo Tech Tool Installation & Activation Help Volvo Tech Tool 2.6 confirmed working perfect! Scr: http://blog.obde...

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WinOLS 2.24 Download Free + How to install

FREE version & TESTED version WinOLS 2.24 download with installation tutorials: Part 1: Free Version – WinOLS 2.24 and damos 800gb Free download WinOLS 2.24 + damos 800gb for all members, without password..! Here is what skynete collection from the Internet. 3 another worked server for download 800gb damos at Google drive 127 file have archive problem so better 127 file download from mega or t...

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Free download Mazda IDS 109 for VCM2, Vxdiag Nano

Mazda IDS 109 Mega link:!GZ1BnQxZ!N34H2ha4ZwWuT2SlnSYJ3WgaOVYZNZf5Vl3UpDYHqQ8 Unknown risk! Good luck! For security, go to tested versions Mazda IDS 108 tested no issues with VXDIAG VCX NANO: Mazda IDS V96 working for VCM2 clone:

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How to keep GM GDS2 – NEVER expires

Found a way to keep GM GDS2 for longer than 30 days after downloading it. So I found a way to keep GDS2 indefinitely…or as long as you own your computer. First of all I’m not sure if this works for the 3 day subscription but I don’t see why not. So after you download GDS2 in Tis2web, to keep the license going there is a program(free) called ‘runasdate’, there is a 64 bit version and a 32 bit versi...

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How to install TIS2000 software for GM pre-2008

A lot of info I found over at SaabCentral but it is just a giant thread to read through although a lot of the info is on the first page. And a lot doesn’t apply since it’s geared towards Saab (even the 9-7x doesn’t apply, it’s under GM). So you have a Tech2 scan tool but a lot of the things you would like to do is locked out because you don’t have access to the computer software to allow you to do...

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(Solved) Elsawin Error: ELSAWINDB could not be installed

Here are customer solutions of Elsawin install failure with error message “The SQL Server instace ELSAWINDB could not be installed” with different error codes. The error message will be displayed like this and the like Elsawin ErrorCode: -2068052713 if has problem “ELSAWINDB could not be installed.ErrorCode: -2068052713” Go to: Control Panel Program and Features On the left Turn Windows Features O...

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How to solve DAS/Xentry Sim Error

Here has some FAQ about DAS/Xentry software: Q: I have problem with Xentry Sim 11.2011, when it launch Sim DAS -> No language defined! How to fix it ? A: Place DAS SIM and DAS Shortcuts on desktop: DAS shortcut target as: F:ProgrammeDASbinDAS32R2.exe -len And for DAS SIM Target as: F:ProgrammeDASbinsimdas.exe -*CALsimu -*ctxtsim.sli -*nolog -*len Q: do you have DAS32R2.exe for 11.2011. I launch...

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