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ECU tuning software

KESS3 and Powergate4 Comparison

What is the difference between Alientech KESS3 and the new Powergate 4?       They are separate devices. They use different manager dashboards.   Operation Mode: Powergate 4 is the OBD version of KESS3 (KESS3 with all OBD protocols). Powergate reads/writes ECU via Powergate App by OBD only. KESS3 will read/write ECU/TCU via OBD, bench and boot mode.   Manufacturers: Powerg...

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GM Odometer Correction with DPS 4.52 by OBD

How to change mileage from OBD on GM group with DPS software? Here is all required to do Odometer correction on GM. This doesn’t work on all but does cover a lot. Try on vehicle if odometer changes it works if not then doesn’t. You are at your risk.   File download: GM DPS ODO Including: GM DPS 4.52.2 software sos Odometer correction GM zip. calibration file Procedure: 1). Check original odom...

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Difference Between Alientech Powergate 3 and Powergate 4

What is the difference between the new Alientech Powergate 4 and Powergate 3?     Check table comparison below: Item Alientech Powergate3+ Alientech Powergate 4 INTERFACE Touch Screen Smartphone FILE MANAGEMENT Native software Online Dashboard VEHICLE LIST 10,000+ vehicles 18,000+ vehicles VIRTUAL DECODER X Yes VIRTUAL READING X Yes CLOUD X Yes POWERGATE APP X Yes Powergate 4 has more ve...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Adds GM EPS Radio Instrument ABS Modules

OBDSTAR released new BCM ECM ECU software update for DC706 and X300 Classic G3 (with ECU license). Adds Renault BCM/UCH Continental/jhonson control, GM Opel ABS, Instrument, radio modules.     Body ECU Flasher V30.28 Add read/write INT flash and Read/Write INT eeprom functions for GM EPS Bosch 70F3485   ECU ECM Flasher V30. 61 Add read/write INT flash, Read/Write INT eeprom for TATA...

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Read and Write VAG Simos 18.10 by OBDSTAR DC706

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU cloning tool will read and write VW Audi Skoda Seat Porsche CONTINENTAL Simos 18.10 ECUs. Here is the instruction to read VW Simos 18.10 ECU in boot mode.   You will need: OBDSTAR DC706 MP001 programmer with jumper cables Simos 18.10 ECU       Go to ECM, quick search Simos18.10 Select VW Continental Simos18.10 TC1791   Check the introduction and wiring di...

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How to use Launch Smartlink VCI with Techline Connect SPS2

Launch SmartLink VCI (comes with X431 PAD V/PAD VII/PRO5) does work as a J2534 programming device with many manufacturers. When replacing Chevy’s transmission if it is a six-speed or 8-speed or 10-speed, they have a module built into the transmission that has to be programmed.   Here we will show how to program Chevy transmission using Launch J2534 and Techline Connect.   Preparation: 1.Downl...

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OBDSTAR DC706 Read and Write Renault EMS3132 on Bench

OBDSTAR DC706 ECU cloning tool added Renault/Dacia EMS3132 reading/writing and IMMO off in January 2024 (check update). We will show how to do EMS3132 IMMO off using DC706.   Go to ECM function Quick search EMS3132 Select Renault Siemens EMS3132 AM29F200BB   Check instructions and wiring pinout   Connect EMS3132 ECU with DC706 and P004 following the wiring diagram     &nbs...

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