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ECU tuning software

How to use integrated interface board for Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Yanhua Tech developed new Mini ACDP integrated interface boards for DME N13 N20 N55 B48 ISN reading and BMW FEM/BDC bench programming. What’s the benefits of the integrated boards? Simple operation! Plug and use it directly! Avoid incorrect connection! Safe and reliable connection! Yanhua ACDP N55 Integrated Interface Board First of all, check ACDP old DME ISN adapter connection below Disadvantage...

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KTM bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash: What’s the difference? What’s good?

Discuss: KTM bench, KTMOBD and KTM Flash – definition, difference, vehicle coverage What is KTM bench: KTM Bench Boot is the latest ECU programming tool for ECU read and write via Boot mode or on bench. It features: NO LIMITS of the car model and year + NO NEED disassemble ECUs Read and write Bosch ECUs (Infineon’s chips) incl. flash and eeprom 2. LESS RISK to clone/copy ECUs Able to modify data o...

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Super DSP3 Plus VAG MQB mileage correction Reviews + Car List

Yes! Super dsp3 clone is confirmed to work as a decent VAG mileage correction tool. Has no issues of VW, AUDI, SKODA and Seat odometer correction. Look here: DSP3 Plus clone reviews and full VAG vehicle list DSP3 clone mileage correction reviews: The magic about this machine – most tools need to read S-Key and prepare dump using programmer and then change miles for the Audis 2011+ This tool does i...

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How to use SOFi SP8-F for Online and Offline Programming

Look here: SOFi SP8-F universal programmer is good at online and offline programming. High-speed programming: Confirmed! Online programming(ISP) : Confirmed! Online/offline high-speed mass production: Confirmed! sp8-f universal programmer price sofi sp8-f programmer software download SOFi SP8-F programming test on Volvo XC90 in detail… High-speed programming: Confirmed! ● SP8 is currently the prog...

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2018 Kess V2 Red PCB Rework Pictures

I have made a Kess V2 new version of the original rework picture from Fantomel. I thought it would be good to have a update version with some more part nr. I take no credit or responsibility for this info and it’s only for guidance. EDIT 24.08.18 Added one more component nr. 19 (Diode) Thx to eurmod! To make life easier for collecting components for Kess V2 v5.017 red pcb rework IMPORTANT: No one ...

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What’s new in Immo Universal Decoding 4.5 vs. 3.2

What’s new in Immo Universal Decoding 4.5 (Compare with version 3.2) IMMO Universal Decoding is the best software to remove the IMMO code of ECU.The software IMMO Universal Decoding is compatible with read file with programmer such as UPA-USB, WELLON Series VP/GP, Galep, Serial and many other (not supplied with the software).

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How to install KTMFlash ECU Flasher pcmflash software

KTMFlASH ECU programmer supports VAG DQ200 DQ 250 DQ500 VL381 DL501 Transmission reading, read eeprom via OBD, read Infineon via boot mode, supports ME17 TC1728/1767 data reading & writing. Here’s the step-by-step guide to install ktmflash software and demo example on reading Infineon TC1797 gearbox transmission data. Part 1: Install KTM Flash software  Operating system: Windows XP Language: E...

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