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ECU tuning software

How to Modify China Aluminium BDM Frame?

I bought one of these Chinese aluminium BDM frame with 4 probes. $95 shipped. General quality it’s good, very massive. Middle deck is wobbling all over the place, apart that, the item is very well built. There to much play when you want to adjust. There is not linear bearing. I find a solution to rework it. The ones that needed bearings was the ones without that middle windup mech. Now the frame i...

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KTM Flash OBD Bench Clone 3-in-1 ECU List

As the name suggested, it is an ECU programmer which combines KTMFLASH, KTMBENCH and KTMOBD. It covers many car models and ECU types. Moreover, its price does not exceed US$300, which is definitely the first choice for ECU tuners.   Look at the full package:       Then the KTM 3-in-1 software display including application version: 1.2.0, USB dongle serial number and active lice...

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Download Autel XP400 Chip and Key Programmer Software

Question before starting: Autel XP400 software where or how can I download it? Solution: I. Download XP400 ATProgrammer Software Go to the Autel product website and log in on the current user login screen with the registered Autel ID Select [PC Suite]. Select [PC Programmer]. Select [Download]. After the download is successfully completed, open the installation package and fol...

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Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN Read Write DME Type List

Here lists all available Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW ISN DME Type List (keep updating…) * Yanhua ACDP main unit and DME ISN reading license is required. Some DME types need special interface board, check tablet list below: With / Without dissembling   DME or Chassis DME Type Read & Write ISN Code Without dissembling Read & Write N20 N13 N55 ISN Read & Write MSV80 MSV85 ISN Re...

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KTM Bench Boot V1.20 vs. V1.199

KTM Bench with new software v1.20 is available in What’s the difference between v1.20 and the old v1.199 KTM Bench? Similarities: No network update !!! (Otherwise device will be locked) No Token Limitation,Supports Checksums Calculation. Read and write an ECU in two ways: BOOT and Bench Difference: KTM Bench v1.199 cannot be updated to V1.20 directly. V1.20 is a new hardware. V1.20 a...

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Galletto 1260 Download, Car List, FAQ and Reviews

Galletto 1260 user manual: Part 1:Galletto 1260 definition Part 2:Galletto 1260 download & install Part 3: Galletto 1260 how to use Part 4: Galletto 1260 questions & answers Part 5: Galletto 1260 user feedback Part 6: Galletto 1260 vehicle coverage in detail… Part 1: what is Galletto 1260 Galletto 1260 OBDII ECU Flashing sable/software allow you to connect your car to the computer and thro...

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Which INLINE data link works with Cummins insite 8.5?

Good to know: The latest Cummins insite 8.5 is released! Now , you have luck with Cummins insite new and old versions. incl insite 8.5, insite 8.3, insite 8.2 and insite 7.6 for inline 7, inline 6, inline 5 I. Cummins insite 8.5 (Latest version) This is Cummins insite 8.5 software + patch: Need activation for the authorization Conf...

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