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How to Use SVCI to Virgin Fiat Marelli IAW 59F?

How to read Fiat iaw59f eeprom to immo off? No Immo off, just virgin. You can virgin it with AVDI original, FVDI clone. FVDI clone is discontinued and replaced by the SVCI 2020 Fvdi/SVCI read but don’t make virgin file. read by fvdi make a virgin by dump and write by fvdi. Here is an example of making virgin Marelli 59F (-2014) with FVDI/SVCI. Connect Marelli IAW 59F module with svci follow the be...

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How to Read PSA PIN Code & Recover BSI with FVDI?

Hi all, After going through the nightmare of using my FVDI to read a pin code from Johnsons BSI and then causing BSI to go into Boot mode I have come up with this solution for any users with similar issues. There is 2 ways of retrieving pin code from BSI: 1st is from OBD – this is the operation that is risky 60/40 chance of causing BSI to go into Boot Mode. 2nd is from direct read(BSI not opened u...

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How to exchange Audi A4 instrument cluster with FVDI 2018?

As titled, here's the guide showing the procedure for exchanging an Audi A4 8K instrument cluster. Same procedure goes to Audi A5 8T cluster.   Procedure: Step 1: Read gateway dump by Xhorse VVDI Prog To do that you need to upgrade the Getaway controller, clip 25640   Gateway module location Remove gateway module and read dump with VVDI Prog and eeprom clip adapter        In VVDI-Prog software, se...

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Mercedes W211 TCM lost data with VVDI, FVDI or AVDI?

Here are possible solutions of how to do if you have lost old data of 7G Mercedes-Benz e280 w211. Here you go… 1. FVDI: Yes! You can do by fvdi and data cloud from abrites or you download from some foro 2. FVDI and AVDI: Yes! Only fvdi or avdi dear sorry no need internet if you have base data from abritus or fvdi fly now company name is STIC  3. AVDI: 5 min done! With AVDI clone can do it, 5 minut...

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IMMO OFF Bosch VAG ME 7.5 using 2018 FVDI

FVDI 2018 abrites commander new test report: immo off for me7.5 vag no issue. First you need to read 95040 original dump data with carprog  Select EEPROM function->95XX->95040 Read and verify Save original dump: name it Immo Ori for example Then open FVDI 2018 software Select Dump Tool function Select Type: ECU ME 7.x Immo Bypass (8P08/95080) Upload original dump read by carprog programmer P...

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