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Iprog Clone Software Failed to Install on Win10 Solution

Problem: I have problem with working on iprog+ pro clone on Windows 10. I need wait a lot of seconds between toggle scripts (sometimes I need wait a minute to work with next script or wait for opening program – it looks like sometimes programmer is not found or system looks for it, but it is not disconnected in windows system). On Windows 7 it works correctly. Where is problem? I have turned off F...

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Free Download V85 iProg Driver and Software

The iProg pro clone programmer new software V85 has been tested and verified working by engineer. Here we provides iprog v85 software free download resource and installation guide.     V85 Iprog+ Pro Software Free Download password: oipqga   Language: English, Russian Operating system: WinXP, Win7, Win8 Functions: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ecu, eeprom, immo, mcu and...

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Scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with iProg

I share scripts to read Renesas RH850 MCU’s with Iprog+ using Serial Nº1, connections diagram also included. password: Archive password=   [email protected]_Renesas_RH850 Credits to @RoTor  Roturbo R7F7010023 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010024 (512Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010033 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F7010034 (936Kb+32Kb+32Kb).ipr R7F...

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Orange5, Xprog, iprog EEPROM Reading Reviews

I have xprog 5.55 clone a couple of years and never let me down mate. newer versions have issues. also upa clone, old but still good, tl866 clone, and orange too with little knowledge and searching in forum (DK or MMH) you can rework most of them and never have problems They are pretty cheap so I suggest ,—-if you do it as a hobby—-,buy both xprog and upa with all their adapters. But surely origin...

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iProg and Carprog Hardware and Function Comparison

Look here: difference between iProg Plus and CarProg Programmer iProg Plus CarProg Full Image     Price (china clone) 109.00 usd 69.99 usd Update Free to update; Users can update iprog+ sw themselves FREE but new firmware required; Users cannot update carprog sw on their own Software version V80 (released in 2019) V10.93 (released in 2017) Operating system Windows XP; Windows vista; Windows 7; Win...

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