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Ford Mazda PSA Continental Sid807 EVO Pinout

Ford, Mazda and PSA Continental Sid 807evo ECU pinout for PCMTuner, ktag etc programmers. There is no OBD protocol for these ECUs. Only boot option.   Ford Continental Sid 807evo  On this ECU ONLY the DIRECT CONNECTION is possible.         Check: Read Ford SID807 evo with ktag ot pcmtuner?   PSA Peugeot Citroen SID807 EVO Continental Pinout On this ECU ONLY the DIRECT...

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2022 KTM200 Adds PCR2.1 SID208 SID307 SIM2K ECUs

The new KTM200 bench boot programmer adds 200 more Bosch ECUs comparing KTM V1.20.     Highlights Compared with the old KTAG, the new hardware version has added 490 new protocols, updated 687, and added 200 Bosch ECUs read and write without opening the shell. Compared with the old KTM100, the new hardware version has added 379 new protocols, updated 374, and added 200 Bosch ECUs read and...

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How to Solve Ktag 7.020 “Micro protection removal failed” Error?

Car model: Tiguan, 2.0TSI CCZ 2010 06J906026FK (2.0TSI CCZC) Bosch MED17.5 Chip:- TC1766 Prot:- VAG128   Purpose: to read   ECU programmer to use: clone Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.25   Error: “Micro protection removal failed” as seen in the image     How to solve? Tip 1. First make sure that power supply is good 2amper and 12.5volt.   Tip 2. second try another pr...

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How to Convert BMW ME9.2 4-Digit ISN to 32 Digit?

2008 BMW X5 idrive with CAS3++ all keys lost. Autel IM608 says no support for reading ISN for ME9.2. I need long ISN to write to CAS3. What is everyone else using for this DME?     Suggestion: CAS3 could be done via obd2, Cas 3 ++ Istap it best to pull eeprom bin file and make key with DME ISN. It can’t do 64 attempts if it’s got ME9.2 N62 engine ECU, this CAS3 is encrypted. These V8 mod...

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Ktag, Hextag, VVDI Prog or AT200 to Read BMW EDC17C56

BMW F series EDC17C56 has GPT lines. It is not possible with Kess v2. Which tool will do and is there some other scheme to follow?   Tools that can read/write EDC17C56: 1). Ktag KTag genuine read this perfectly. Ktag 7.020 clone works like a charm with GPT cable. Done on 320d (US “328d”, with EURO6 components), GPT boot mode works correctly on china clone. My tune works very well too. I have ...

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What is the Best Tool to Read and Write PSA SID208 ECU?

Is available any cheap way to read/write PSA Peugeot Citroen SID 208 ecu? Can I read SID208 ECU with Kess, Ktag or pcm-flash clone?  Any update to this tool or other clone tool?     1.Kess V2/Ktag clone Kess genuine cannot make this. Only genuine ktag on pinout or with ktag obd cable on vehicle. Working with orig Ktag, use 14.4V and it takes max 3.7A when reading/writing. Some people did...

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Ktag 7.020 Read VW Passat EDC17C74 ECU

I have successfully reading a VW Passat year 2016 Bosch EDC17C74 ECU using KTAG. I bought Ktag 7.020 SW V2.25 with Red PCB EU because I want to read an EDC17C74 ECU but it caused many headache. I cannot afford an original ktag, so got the clone instead. In the first step verify your cables. I have attached a drawing found on the net and you can check your GPT cable. In my case the Chinese GPT cabl...

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