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Read Delphi MT80 by Ktag, Foxflash, CG100 or Others

There are some tools to read and write GM/Geely Delphi MT80/MT80.1 ECU. Delphi MT80 ECU usually has problems car not start, No fuel injection signals, No ignition signals, it’s a common problem can be repaired with ecu tools. The problem is the result of the data lost of the MCU, reprogramming the MCU or change a new MCU and program it will solve the problem, device such as Foxflash, Ktag, Flex, C...

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What Tool to Read and Write Fiat Marelli IAW 7GF?

If any of the interfaces that I have can read this ECU Fiat Marelli IAW 7GF? Yes, there are some affordable ecu programmers to read and write IAW 7GF.     1.Foxflash  Fox flash will read and write IAW 7GF via jtag mode. FoxFlash Pinout to Fiat Marelli IAW 7GF MPC5554 Connect the multifunction cable as follows:     Solder the rainbow flat cable on the pcb: To read and write use ...

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Read Alfa Marelli MM10JA by Foxflash, Kess V2 or Flex

What ecu programmer to read and write Alfa Romeo Marelli MM10JA MPC5777 ECU? via OBD, bench or boot mode?       Here top 5 tools are listed.     1). Cheapest option Foxflash programmer OBD mode: The built-in OBD does not working. It does not read the ECU ID nor read/write ECU. Boot mode: It works fine in boot mode.       dimsport pinout works fine with foxfl...

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Top Tools to Unlock FCA Chrysler GPEG2A ECU

How to unlock FCA Chrysler Jeep continental 2015+ GPEG2A ECU to use hptuner for tuning?  What tool is used?   Here’s the clue.   Hptuner: No Original hptuners also can’t unlock gpec2a, need send ecu for unlock. So does the clone MPM tool.     Foxflash/KT200: Recent update adds FCA GPEC2 GPEC3 GPEC4LM GPEC2A ECUs. foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations: Boot Re...

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PSA MEV17.4.2 Pinout to Foxflash and Ktag

Foxflash/KT200 will read, write and clone PSA MEV17.4.2 in both Bench and boot mode. It will do auto checksum.       Foxflash MEV17.4.2 bench pinout       To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH TRICORE → CITROEN / PEUGEOT → TC1767 – PSA → MEV17.4.2   Foxflash MEV17.4.2 boot pinout (Tricore version is 1796.)   To read and write use the following ...

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Ksuite 3.68 Download and Released Notes

(12.2019) Ksuite 3.68 download links:!FkNDBSYC!qagszJqllai3YVPlQ4X0A0A-xyJC-jW67cpOYZgYe_c IMPORTANT: IT’S RISKY to use the link now (15-12-2019) But sw is being tested. will update results here. Will test with Kess V2 fw 5.017 and Ktag fw 7.020… Before test result is out, you’re advised to use Ksuite 2.25 tested version: https://...

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How to Solve Ktag Mandatory update Error by Token Reset?

Look here: Ktag 6.070 token issues SOLVED Ktag version: Ktag firmware version 6.070 Error message: ktag warning: mandatory update within the next 5 programming. connect the tool to the internet and run the update as soon as possible Solution: There are only 5 tokens left, so you need to reset tokens. You need: Reset tokens for Ktag. 6.070 is the Unlimited tokens version, no need desolder chips. We...

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