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How to give liquid medicine to cats

Most cats are reluctant to take medicine. But in the process of raising a cat, it is inevitable that the cat will get sick. Sometimes the medicine that the doctor prescribes for the cat is in a liquid state. How to make cats take these liquid medicines is a tricky question. This article will teach you some methods.   Mixed in food You need to tell your veterinarian about the type of wet cat f...

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The reasons why my cats eat grass?

You may sometimes be surprised to find that your cat sometimes runs into the yard and starts to eat grass. You would think that cats specialize in eating meat. Why do they eat grass? Later, you saw that the cat spit out the grass after eating the grass. You are wondering again, is the cat sick? Is this grass poisonous to the cat? In fact, it is very beneficial for cats to eat grass, which can reli...

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Reason why cat vomit undigested food

Anything that irritates the cat's stomach and intestines can cause the cat to vomit. It is not normal for cats to vomit. When your cat vomits undigested food, it means that your cat is unwell at this time and he may be suffering from some kind of disease. Common reasons include eating too fast, eating too much, and eating stale food. So besides that, what other reasons can cause cats to vomit undi...

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How to use cat fishing rod well?

Cats are very playful. During the daytime, the owner may not have much time to play with the cat when he goes to work, so he will buy a variety of cat toys for the cat. But sometimes the cat won't pay attention to these toys at all, and often lose interest after playing a few times. The cat owner is very puzzled. As everyone knows, the correct use of these cat toys is also a learning! Many people ...

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Why do cats like to knead on me

Have you found that your cat likes to knead you? It is the action the cat makes by pushing its paws in and out on a soft surface (such as your knees). When you see them making such strange but cute movements, you can't help wondering why the cat is doing, and why does he need to knead you? But what is certain is that cats must like you very much. The following article will give you a few specific ...

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How to get rid of dandruff in cats

Cats can also suffer from dandruff. The overwhelming majority of cats suffering from dandruff is that they are too obese, which prevents them from grooming themselves and grooming their hair. Others are due to skin allergies, external parasites, flea infections, malnutrition, bacterial infections, etc. At the same time, cats with dandruff are often accompanied by hair loss, vomiting, reduced appet...

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Do you know how dirty cat toys are?

In addition to cat food and water bowls, the sanitation of cat toys is also worrying. The National Health Foundation of the United States has conducted a comprehensive inspection of 30 households to measure the level of bacterial contamination. Among the top ten places with the most bacteria listed, pet bowls and pet toys are among them. A large number of MRSA, Pasteurella multocida, and a variety...

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