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How to get cats approach and like me

A cat is a very cautious creature. Unlike a dog, if you get close to a dog on the street, that dog will trust you immediately. But if you want to gain the cat’s trust and make the cat like you, you need to understand some of the cat’s physical behavior signals. To a large extent, cats stay away from you because you have behaviors they don't like. This article will tell you a few ways to make cats ...

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Rešenje za upravljanje sistemom zaliha, kontrola efikasnosti proizvodnje na jednom mestu

S razvojem industrije koja se brzo razvija, komplikovani podaci o online i offline potrošnji i informacije o proizvodima uvijek će utjecati na efikasnost poslovnih operacija. U cilju efikasnog rukovanja dnevnim podacima o upravljanju zalihama za preduzeća, Hong Kong je istražio multifunkcionalna rješenja za upravljanje zalihama kako bi pomogao kompanijama da sinhronizuju zalihe, kupovinu, prodaju,...

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Why does my cat drool suddenly

Have you noticed that your cat drools? Cats do not drool as often as dogs do. Unless you scratch his chin. In fact, there are many reasons for cats drooling. Some are normal physiological phenomena, while others are abnormal. You need to take them to the pet hospital to see the specific reasons.   1.During kneading This phenomenon can be traced back to childhood. During breastfeeding, kittens...

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Tips for cleaning the dog's ears

Like humans, dogs’ ears are prone to dirt. If your dog likes to swim, you should clean their ears more to avoid ear infections caused by these dirt. It is generally recommended to clean your dog’s ears once a month.   The internal structure of dog ears is very similar to humans, but there are some differences. For example, the ear canal of a dog is longer than that of a human and the ear cana...

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Do you choose right toys for your cat?

There are many types of cat toys, but not suitable for all cats, especially cats of different ages. Fishing rod: The fishing rod is cheap and convenient to use, but it takes owners a little physical effort to tease the cat. Suitable cats: All ages, except for kittens. Kittens are sluggish and have not fully developed vision. They are prone to be hit by fishing rod that is heavier than his body, or...

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Where to place cat food and water bowl?

Quiet: cat bowl should be placed in a relatively quiet place. Try to avoid places where humans or other pets often pass by, such as corridors and doorways. Open: In the wild, cats will observe the surrounding environment while eating and drinking to detect whether there are threats or other predators nearby, so you should also place the water bowl in a relatively open position at home. Not a corne...

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