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Are cat toys unnecessary?

Cats have loved games since they were little. When they have not touched real prey, games are their main way to practice hunting skills, and it is also a survival instinct of cats. In addition, cats’ love of games will not diminish with age, and domestic cats’ love of games will even increase day by day because of the absence of playmates and prey. This can also be used to explain why some pet cat...

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Why don’t some cats play with fishing rod?

There are millions of cat supplies, but the fishing rod is a toy that every cat family will be recommended to buy. Cat fishing rod is often used to interact with the cat, which can not only increase the relations between the owner and the cat, but also allow the cat to get exercise. But when cat owners bought the cat fishing rod, do cat owners know what the cat fishing rod is? What exactly does th...

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Will indoors kitten feel boring?

Kittens have endless vigor and curiosity, and can bring unlimited joy to the family members. It is precisely because of the cat's curiosity and vigorous energy that if there is a lack of stimulation in the indoor environment, the cat's life will be boring and uninteresting. A daily life without challenges, the unchanging pheromones in the air, the unchanging furnishings at home, and the food cats ...

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Is raised cat bowl better?

With the increasing number of cat owners, a variety of cat supplies have appeared on the market, allowing owners to choose according to their cat-loving habits and home environment. The size, shape and weight of the cat food and water bowl are the key points that owners should consider. Owners might as well think about the cat’s daily diet and the amount of food each meal, so as to choose the styl...

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