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VVDI Prog Read N20 N13 ISN with DME OBD Cloning Cable

How-to: Read ISN From ECU BMW N20/ N13 with Xhorse VVDI Prog and MOE Cable without soldering. The MOE BMW DME OBD ISN Cloning Cable comes with multiple adapters B38 – N13 – N20 – N52 – N55 – MSV90 To use with the VVDIPROG programmer For example: Read N20 ISN code from ECU Connect N20 N13 adapter with Bosch ECU adapter Connect Bosch ECU adapter with vvdi-prog In VVDI prog software, select Type Bosc...

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VVDI Prog Read and Write ST10F275 MCU

Read and write processor ST10F275 with Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer successfully. In vvdiprog software, select MCU type->ST10F->ST10F275 Check connecting wiring diagram   Follow wiring diagram to connect ST10F275 mcu with vvdi-prog and mcu reflash cable.     Read ST10F275 in process Read ST10F275 mcu success. Save data.

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AUDI A5 70F3380 BCM2 Wiring Diagram to VVDI Prog

Here the pinout to read this bcm2 of Audi A5 70F3380 in xhorse vvdi prog programmer. Make sure you choose correct MCU. (click to enlarge images)   I read one of these a few days ago. Don’t remove any components from the board and the connection is same as picture. The board does look slightly different from vvdi picture. I think all useful data will be inside the 95320. Vvdi prog not have SPI...

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VVDI Prog V4.9.3 adds EZS 9S12XDT384 EIZ 9S12XDP384

Xhorse VVDI-Prog programmer software released to latest version 4.9.3 on April 29th, 2020. VVDI PROG latest software version V4.9.3 update ———————————— v4.9.3         (2020-04-29) * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix 93Cxx ERASE BUGs + Add VVDI PROG USER MANUAL 4.9.3 version in Doc folder + Add S2943 option in<1-EEPROM&FLASH-><SEIKO> + Add S2943 (CLIP) option in<1-EEP...

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Renault Opel VW SRS Pinouts to VVDI Prog

Here are some airbag pinouts to some important vehicles (European vehicles mainly) that don’t show in Xhorse vvdi prog programmer.  Thanks to @ s qubiak for sharing. Renault / Dacia SPC560 Pinout xprog edit for vvdi Test ok   Opel SPC 56AP54x Pinout CPT edit for vvdi prog Fiat 500 L SRS MPC/SPC CPT edit for vvdi prog Dacia / Renault SPC560P50L3 V2 pinout CPT edit for VVDI-prog Dacia /Renault ...

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How to use VVDI Prog to Read Mercedes W203 EZS?

Question: Did someone try to read Mercedes w203 ezs by wiring diagram?  I tried many times and fail vvdi prog show diagram from one side. This is diagram all w203 the same but it’s only one side i saw a video on YouTube wiring in two sides by vvdiprog. solution: You need to compare the picture with your pcb and the mcu number. If all same then this is your diagram.   You n...

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Read BMW EDC17C50 ISN with VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU Adapter

How-to: Read BMW EDC17C50 ECU ISN with Xhorse VVDI Prog and Bosch ECU adapter on bench. Read out BMW ISN code without opening ECU. ISN is need for all keys lost or ecu readaption to used car. Require to use Bosch ECU adapter to read on bench. Connect vvdiprog with Bosch ECU adapter follow the wiring diagram (check wiring in vvdi-prog)     Feed up with 14v power supply Open vvdi prog soft...

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