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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus unlock BMW BDC Module on bench

This is a demonstration on how to use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus to unlock BMW BDC on bench.     Having been connected BDC module & Key Tool Plus, press Immo programming >> Europe >> BMW >> Select from system >> FEM/BDC IMMO system >> Key function >> Start programming   Read Key Info. Go to read key information, it says “Prepare dealer key and ...

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Which VVDI MB Adapter to Unlock NEC Key Chip ?

Question: Which VVDI MB adapter is for the unlocking NEC key chip? green or blue one? Solution: Use green board, your NEC is 57. Read the key on vvdi mb tool, then you will get Version you will know what adapter should be used. Sometimes you need to soldering SMD fuse on the green adapter. After reading the password of the chip, key can became unuse status, key has to be placed in ignition to beco...

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Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate Toyota XM Smart Key

There is a list in Xhorse vvdi mini key tool/ key tool max app using the XM smart key.  You need to have enough points to generate it demands at least 200 points and correctly put the board in the host.  Check XM prox remote generation guide below.       All Toyota remotes with PROX icon can be generated with the XM remote. Here we make a 0020 314 315 remote. Insert Xhorse XM smart ...

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Xhorse XM Smart Key: Not Enough Points for Generation?

Problem I tried to generate 4D ES Page 98 and 433.92, no dual frequency with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max + XM Series Toyota Smart Key.  It says “The device doesn’t have enough remote bonus points for 8A smart-card generation, please collect points first!”   I’m not going to generate an 8A smart-card, why it keeps reminding that?           Vvdishop engineer replied All Xh...

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Xhorse FBS3 Smart Key Car Starts KeylessGo Not Working Solution

Question:  I tried today to make a keyless key on a Mercedes benz s350 2009 with xhorse vvdi mb and FBS3 key.  but the keyless function does not work, error: The key is not recognized. At the same time, only keyless does not work (The central lock is working by inserting the key into the ignition lock, the car starts, the doors close/open if you press the buttons). Keyless go did not!!!   &nb...

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Xhorse Mini Key Tool Make Remote Says Storage Full

Error: I have a vvdi mini key tool when trying to make remote says storage full.  any ideas how to delete storage? Error: the storage space of reward point is full, please synchronize         Solution: Run a firmware upgrade will solve the problem. Update through PC software.   1.Connect Xhorse MINI KeyTool with computer via USB cable. 2.Start xhorse update kit software, a...

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Xhorse VVDI2 V7.0.0 Error 402.03.02.A5.0E Solution

Problem: Hello, I failed to update xhorse vvdi2 full kit to v7.0.0, it displayed error code 402.03.02.A5.0E       VVDISHOP.COM Working Solution: Try the Repair function to fix internal error 1 or error 2.  Then update vvdi2 again using Xhorse upgrade kit. If still fail to update, change other COM ports or another laptop. Any questions feel free to contact customer servi...

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