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How to Add VW Caddy 2018 MQB48 Key by Xhorse VVDI2

How-to: program spare VW Caddy year 2018 MQB remote key using xhorse vvdi2 vag key programmer.   Here the customer wanted 3 remote spare keys (4 in total). Tried ALL of Xhorse and Keydiy without success. The remote didn’t work for anyone!!! That’s why an original was programmed. In addition, have programmed 2 keys without remote using XT1M MQB chip. The customer had thus received his 4 keys. ...

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Will Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Generate Toyota Sienna BABA Remote

 Question: Possible to program Toyota Sienna 2021 proximity smart key with xhorse vvdi key tool plus? P4 page is BABA. Answer: Add key ok, no possible to program all keys lost. For add key, generate Toyota XM38 remote under this option. Then program xm38 remote with key tool plus. Key tool plus will ask for rolling code which you have to obtain from 3rd party. Users can customize key frequency and...

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How to Renew BMW F Series HUF5662 Remote by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Here is showing how to unlock or renew a BMW F series HUF5662 smart key with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max. Certainly you can use the new VVDI Key Tool Max PRO instead. Simple operation, minutes to do.   This is the BMW locked key, it’s a transponder 49 PCF7953P chip.       Accessories Required BMW Smart Key VVDI Key Tool Max/ Key Tool Max PRO Renew Cable   Operation Take off t...

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Difference Between VVDI Key Tool Lite and VVDI Mini Key Tool

What’s the difference between Xhorse VVDI BEE key tool lite and vvdi mini key tool/key tool max? Check the table comparison below: Item Xhorse VVDI BEE Key Tool Lite Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Transponder clone Yes Yes Generate transponder Yes Yes Clone remote No Yes Generate remote Yes Yes Frequency test Yes Yes Remote renew No Yes IC/ID clone Yes Yes ID48 96bit clone Yes Yes Toyota 8A H online ca...

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How to Add 2014 VW Golf MQB Key with VVDI Key Tool Plus

How to program a key for a 2014 Volkswagen Golf using the Xhorse VVDI Key tool Plus programming tablet via OBD. Select IMMO Prog->VW->Automactical diagnose vehicle Key tool plus detected cluster type:  VDO/Continental NEC35XX MQB 2014- UDS       Select Key Adding automatic wizard     Follow 5 steps to program key 1. Read and save eeprom data 2. Read and save immo dat...

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Xhorse Key Tool Failed to Clone Volvo ID48 96bit Solution

Problem: Volvo xc90 when i try to clone id48 96bit with xhorse vvdi mini key tool, i have this and can not read other 7. What is problem, server, tools or?     Solution: Wait 1 minute each or disconnect battery terminal. Like VW Jetta, disconnect battery between reconnect and sniffer data acquisition 8 times. You have to disconnect the battery each time. After every read; ignition off, b...

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Program BMW F32 FEM All Keys Lost by VVDI Key Tool Plus

BMW F32 2016 all keys lost is done by xhorse vvdi key tool plus.   Put the wires directly to the ecu (EDC17C50) and you can read ISN on bench without removing it from the car entirely.   Procedure: Disconnect battery negative clamp, remove fem/bdc, remove engine ecu. 1. Reading isn, use bosch ecu adapter and multi-function converter cable       2. Read fem/bdc key 3.Fem/bd...

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