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How to Program Toyota Tundra 2010 4D Remote by Xhorse Key Tool Max and Mini OBD

Here is the programming instruction of the Toyota Tundra 2010 remote key with the xhorse vvdi key tool max and vvdi mini obd tool.     Main steps: 1. Generate Remote 2. Program remote 3. Clone transponder   Procedure: Step 1. Generate wired remote Connect Xhorse Toyota flip wired remote key board with Key Tool Max Go to vehicle remote- Toyota, pick straight tom list, we have Tundra ...

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Tips to ProgramMercedes W164 2009 All Keys Lost with VVDI MB

Problem: I tried to do Mercedes w164 2009 ML all keys lost with xhorse vvdi mb tool. Connected 12v to FAST adapter, connected xhorse w164 cable, connected gateway emulator to the cable. I was able to read EIS data through IR but no password calculation could be preformed – vvdi mb kept prompting “can’t detect eis, check connection”. Tried by IR. Didn’t work. Tried by “obd”. Didn’t work. Tried to l...

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Xhorse Key Tool Plus Read Honda Amaze MB91F Cluster on Bench

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus can read Honda Amaze FIT-L cluster (MB91F061BS) data D-flash & F-flash successfully in minutes. Following I’m gonna show how to read on bench.       Take the instrument panel apart, go to Prog >> Instrument >> HONDA >> FIT – L(MB91F061BS) >> Wired   Here I can select Adapter or Wired. Xhorse has Solder Free Adapters to read ...

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Xhorse VVDI BIMTool Pro Error 211 Working Solution

The Xhorse VVDI BIMTool Pro reports error 211 when I was trying to flash an EGS transmission. “Error:211 Error om flash programming Programming state invalid.”     Solution: Slow down the communication speed between the vvdi bimtool and the control unit. Go to Option tab- Parameters settings– change programming speed to 1  (it is three by default).

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Xhorse VVDI2 Audi Q5 2015 Add Key and All Keys Lost Success

As titled, possible to add key to an Audi Q5 2015 BCM2 encrypted using Xhorse VVDI2?   Yes, both add key and all keys lost.   You will need vvdi prog and new Audi BCM2 adaptor. Many people did a 2015 a5 with encrypted bcm2 using new adaptor. Some positive feedback: 1). I did a 2015 a5 with encrypted bcm2 using new adaptor.  2). I did add key yesterday and is work fine great tool 3). It w...

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How to Solve VVDI MB Failed to Calculate Password?

Problem: Getting this error when trying to calculate password with xhorse vvdi mb tool ! “Calculate failed, collect data and retry. ” Why and how to fix ?     Possible reason: 1.If your internet signal is weak this can happen. 2.You have collected the data more than once 3.or you just submit the same corrected data to server multiple times Change stable network connection. If you haven’t...

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How to Transfer VVDI BE Key Bonus Points in VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Each VVDI BE Key pro comes with 200 free bonus points which can be exchanged to 1 token for MB online calculation. Here’s the tips to transfer/gather BE key points to the xhorse vvdi key tool plus. Go to Immo Programming-Benz- Select from system- Points System- Start Programming       Insert VVDI BE Key to key tool plus and press OK to transfer points. After upload success, the BE k...

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