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How to Generate Toyota Prius 2018 Smart Key via Xhorse XM38

Need to add a smart key for a TOYOTA Prius Plus 2018 rest left hand drive. Board number 89904-12370.     Original key Key board   To use the Xhorse XM38 Toyota smart key we need to know what chip and transmitter frequencies the original key had.   This is TOYOTA, everything should be much simpler. After reading the key, everything began to become clearer, and it no longer seeme...

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How to Add Land Cruiser Prado 150 2013 by VVDI Key Tool Max Pro

It is a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 2013 with keyless entry system. Here we will show how to add a spare key to this module using xhorse vvdi key tool max pro and XM38 smart key.     First, read the information of the chip and radio channel from the original remote control. At the top are the Xhorse keys, and below are the original ones. Xhorse keys are very nicer than their relatives....

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VVDI Mini Key Tool Generate Renault Scenic ID46 Smart Key using Xhorse Key

It’s a Renault Scenic with ID46 chip key.  We’ll make a key using xhorse universal smart key.   We will use vvdi mini key tool.   First of all, we need to decide what key we need, open the program, select the make of the car and the type of the original key, it is highlighted in a green frame, it comes with KeylesGo with an ID46 chip   We generate a Xhorse XSKFF0EN 4-button smart ke...

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Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Questions and Answers

Here we collect some frequently asked questions of the new Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool. Q: The tool just copies a working key data and transfers it to a new blank key? A: It doesn’t copy a working key , it just calculate the CS from that key , in order to make a dealer key with other key . And then add key by obd always with VVDI2 or VVDI Key Tool Plus  , just load the file MLB tool makes you save and wi...

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VVDI Key Tool Plus Program Benz E320 2009 W211 BE Key

Mercedes Benz E320 2009 W211: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus added a new 2 button aftermarket BE key, position #6, disabled #1 lost key. All done in 20 minutes. The calculation took only about 5 minutes! Cost 1 free token. Great job Xhorse!   The customer wanted 1 new key with 2 buttons. He’s lost the #1 key. The #2 key is still in his possesion. But he isn’t sure whether the #1 key is just somewh...

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How to Add 2024 Lexus RX500H Key with VVDI Key Tool Plus

Today I’m going to quickly show how to add 2024 Lexus RX500H smart key with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus + Toyota BA AKL Cable by OBD. The cable can also work with VVDI Key Tool Max Pro for 2022- Toyota BA key programming.   Read also: How to use Xhorse Toyota BA All Keys Lost Cable?   Procedure After backup and saved data >> Add smart key Please turn the ignition on to the ON positio...

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Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool Software Free Download

Where to download Xhorse VVDI MLB Tool software?   VVDISHOP.COM here provides software download free link on mega VVDI MLB Tool software free download Current software version:     Language: English, Chinese Update: update online (check Update Online tab) Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11     NOTE: You need to bind MLB Tool with Xhorse App to perform immo da...

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