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Program Audi S5 2010 BCM2 Smart Remote Key with VVDI2

How to: Program Smart Remote to a Audi S5 year 2010 5th generation immobilizer BCM2 with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer. Step 1:Read BCM2 data Open VVDI2 software->Audi->Key Learn->5th Immobilizer system Precedure to read BCM: choose Read by OBDII Press Read BCM2 data (OBDII) Insert working key into ignition and switch on before continue If working key is already in car, take out and insret ...

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How to use VVDI2 VAG to Re-adapt Key Audi A7 keyless Go

As titled, here’s the test on re-adapting key on Audi A7 Keyless Go using  Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer. Insert working key into VVDI2 Open VVDI2 VAG software Select Key Learn->5th Immobilizer system->Check key status The current key has keyless. The key is locked. Insert another key into VVDI2 key programmer, check key status again The current key does not have keyless. The key is not lo...

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How to Enable Free MQB Activation for Xhorse VVDI2

Good News!!!  Great gift from Xhorse. Since today is able to enable for free MQB activation (VV-05) for all user who have VVDI2 Full.  You can buy ID48 96bit cloning and get free MQB, but if you no need copy 48, you can request free MQB. 1.Just for oversea VVDI2 users. 2. Make sure your VVDI2 is full version (VV-01)VAG 4th immobilizer YES (VV-02)VAG 5th immobilizer YES (VB-01)BMW OBD ...

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Program Skoda Octavia 2015 MQB Keyless Go with VVDI2 VAG

Here’s an example of programming a smart key in the car Skoda Octavia 2015 (MQB platform VAG) using Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer. Open VVDI2 VAG software Select Key Learn->MQB platform instrument immobilizer->Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental/VDO) Click on Diag to load vehicle information Instrument version 2210 Instrument type: MQB NEC35xx Continental VDO Read EEPROM data and save Swi...

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Xhorse VVDI2 V5.6.0 adds JLR Remote Proximity Programming via Dump

Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software Update V5.6.0 on  20th June 2018. No Firmware Upgrade required Update Online via Upgrade Tool Now What’s New Highlights Finally 1st in the world all working Remote / Proximity for all JLR – Jaguer & LandRover via RFA/KVM dump, starting + all functionality will work instantly no extra Security Learning OBD programming required.Land rover 2015 all keys lost v...

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VVDI2 Golf 5 EDC16U1 K-line Data Upload Failed Solution

Problem: Hi, I have with Xhorse vvdi2 vag v5.5.0 problems with edc16u1 ecu and dashboard. It can’t read golf 5 2005 year. Something not ok with it It looks like K line not working. picture attached: Error “Can’t connect to device. Switch ignition OFF/ON and retry” Error “Non-standard upload data failed” Solved!!! Here’s the customer solution: I test it this morning and all works fine now. I remove...

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Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 Configuration File Database

Error: Attention: VVDI2 database file released newest version: V1.0.0, Please update your software with VVDI2-Update tool. VVDI2 database file lower version may cause some function failed. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU UPDATE TO LATEST database file. Solution: Update VVDI2 Configuration File via upgrade kit Or download VVDI2-Configuration file database here directly: VVDI2-Configuration FileV100 .exe ww...

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