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Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool Pros and Cons

An increasing number of users have Xhorse VVDI BMW tool, so I’d like to put together its test reports good and bad, wish help more people who are interested in Xhorse VVDI BMW. vvdi bmw tool Ok list… Support instrument cluster memory M35080 v6 – done I was able to connect and code the test kit I built with cas3, kgm, kombi, ahl, where communication is via d-can cable. I was able to code two contro...

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VVDI BMW File Change KM Type List

Here lists Xhorse VVDI BMW tool supported File Change KM BMW type list: by uploading File to change KM (odometer), not OBD Type List: EWS1 EWS2 EWS3 EWS4 CAS1(0K50E) CAS2(2K79X) CAS3(0L01Y) CAS3+(0L15Y,0M23S) CAS4(1L15Y) CAS4(5M48H) M35080(E-series instrument) 35160,35128 (F-series instrument)

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VVDI BMW CAS Downgrade Failure Fixed by CAS EEPROM

When you BMW CAS+ downgrade failed, no more sweating and pain. VVDI BMW Tool released a “Fixed CAS EEPROM” function. Use VVDI BMW function to Fix eeprom boot mode of CAS BMW.       Q:  Is this function all through obd2? A: Need to load eeprom and then write back to the unit. Q: No hooking up to the eprom? A: need, you fix the problem anyways Q:Does this function will come also for c...

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VVDI2 remaining 30 days synchronization Solution

Question: I got my vvdi2 today I download and installed software and the working perfect the massage I don’t understand is remaining 30 days synchronization please I need explanation. Answer: Actually, you don’t need to care it. This is for users to have a new version so that they can receive the update information timely. In details: -The number of days is from 30 to 0, display in a circle. -It m...

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How to Solve VVDI2 Can’t Find Error by Firmware Update

Have Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Basic Function, installed V6.6.6 software, when update the software, get error ” vvdi2 can’t find”. solution: Please update the firmware of VVDI2 in the UpgradeKit. UpgradeKit software free download here:!BYhnmQ4A!K5LEu2ZjhBDMDOOkYMPCJjs-PuArEOAc5nKhUe57ERo Size: 30.7 MB Download the above mega link and unzip it. Double click on “Upgrade k...

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VVDI MB cannot read ESL emulator data (solved)

Recently some customers reported that they failed to read ESL/ELV emulator data when program ESL using VVDI MB tool. You don’t need to return the emulator. Here’s the working solution provided by Xhorse engineer. File download: Free Download ESL.bin for VVDI MB!SihSxKDa!mCpK80E0-O0QMI3LY0aOJxlyh5uPte0g_dS1qy_7uF0 Connect  ESL emulator with vvdi mb and laptop Read ESL data Fail to...

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How to set up Xhorse upgrade kit log file?

How to find and set up Xhorse upgrade kit? 1, Find the folder of ‘Upgrade Kit’ and find the ‘setting’ file in the folder as below 2, Open the ‘setting’ file and set the setting file as below and save it 3 , Close the ‘setting’ file and run the ‘Upgrade Kit’ for update the machine (VVDI2, VVDI MB, Mini Key Tool, Condor, Dolphin etc) , it will set up the log file

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