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How to Replace and Program Xhorse VVDI Mini ELV Emulator?

How-to: replace/program Mercedes C300 ELV by using VVDI mb and elv emulator. Model: Mercedes Benz C300 W207 year 2006 Device required: A working key Xhorse VVDI MB Tool Xhorse VVDI Mini ELV Emulator  Benz Test platform  12V adapter Procedure: Make Connection connect VVDI MB with EIS, Benz test platform and 12V adapter power on the test platform Run VVDI MB software, Go to EIS Tools> Read EIS Da...

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How to Replace BMW FEM Module with VVDI2?

Question:  I have BMW FEM with water ingress. Old Fem is damaged How can I replace with used one? Possible to replace it using vvdi2? Solution: Yes, it is possible to replace with a used one. Unlock fem old and save backup file fem. unlock fem new and write file backup (write vin/isn ecu) The ISN from ECU, you need isn save from old and write to new. Try the new vvdi prog bosch ecu cableto not hav...

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How to Update VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini OBD?

Question: I received the xhorse vvdi mini OBD tool, impossible to update? Answer: Yes. Update is done via key tool max upgrade. You need Xhorse Keytool Upgrade Kit. Install it on your PC, make sure Internet-connected online. >>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instruction. This stage do not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max. The upgrad...

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Xhorse Wired, Wireless, Smart and Super Remote Differences

How to tell the differences among the Xhorse wired remote, wireless remote, keyless go remote, super remote in 4 methods. All vvdi remotes are available here: Method 1: Xhorse remote differences in outlook     Xhorse wired remote: packed in red color, XK series Xhorse wireless remote: packed in blue color, XN series Xhorse smart remote: packed ...

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VVDI Key Tool Max vs. VVDI Key Tool

VVDI key tool Max is available on now. Compare with vvdi mini key tool, it has as the same function as keytool but has more obd function and has all build in, easy , fast and cheap and make life easier. Look at vvdi key tool Max: Price: VVDI Key Tool Max: 299usd VVDI Mini OBD: 199USD VVDI Key Max+ MINI OBD: 498USD Cars support list: Question: what vehicle’s are supported under immobil...

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Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool Pros and Cons

An increasing number of users have Xhorse VVDI BMW tool, so I’d like to put together its test reports good and bad, wish help more people who are interested in Xhorse VVDI BMW. vvdi bmw tool Ok list… Support instrument cluster memory M35080 v6 – done I was able to connect and code the test kit I built with cas3, kgm, kombi, ahl, where communication is via d-can cable. I was able to code two contro...

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