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How to use Xprog M to Unlock Ranger Rover KVM secured

Test report: Xprog box running the latest software version 5.8 is able to Read MCU 9S12 XEQ 384 from a Range Rover 2015-2016. Save P-FLASH and D-FLASH unlock KVM secured. Now, i’ll show you the location of a KVM module And remove the module with secured MCU9S12XEQ Read on bench with Xprog HQ clone or original Then will save P-FLASH and D-FLASH unlock KVM secured Here you go. The module location in...

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Xprog repair BMW E70 FRM3 9S12XEQ384 Step by Step

How to: repair BMW E70  FRM3 (BMW Footwell Module) 3M25J 9S12XEQ384 by xprog v5.60programmer within 2 minutes. BMW FRM pinout to Xprog m box Connect FRM module with Xprog follow pinout Open Xprog software Select MCU->Freescale 9S12xE-> 9S12XEQ384 DFlash Select partition manually D-Flash size: 32768 bytes (128 sectors (32K)) EEPROM size: 0 bytes (0 sectors) Press OK to continue Read and save ...

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Xprog M V5.84 New Authorizations Comparing with Older Version

Latest version Xprog M 5.84 ecu programmer is released on What’s new in Xprog 5.84 comparing older version 5.74, 5.60, 5.55 etc. Software version: V5.84, Firmware:V4.4 With USB Dongle, No need to activate Add new authorization: AUTH-0028-1 Renesas V850 Authorized and AUTH-0028-2 Renesas SuperH Authorized 2017/10/9Language: English XPROG-M V5.84 Authorizations: AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05...

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Xprog read Renault Clio 4 Flash SPC560 Airbag EEPROM

Reading Flash SPC560 with XPROG CLIO 4 resetting crash clear 100% working by using Xprog 5.60 ecu programmer. Check detail below: Remove airbag control unit: Connect xprog m 5.60 with airbag Open xprog software  Select airbag SPC560->Renault SPC560P50L3->Data flash Save data flash, named “CLIO 4 CRASH ORIGINAL” Open Hex editor Open “CLIO 4 CRASH ORIGINAL” and airbag c...

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Xprog-M read write BMW EWS3 EWS4 success

What is the best tool to work for BMW ews3 and ews4? XPROG-M is the cheapest & best tool for read and write. For 100% Here you go. Part 1: Xprog r/w EWS4 Part 2: Xprog r/w EWS3 In detail… Part 1: Xprog reads and writes EWS 4.4: success! EWS 4 can be done with no problems. Test: BMW X3 E83 2006 with immo EWS 4.4, assembled on a Motorola MC9S12D64 microcontroller , with a 2L86D mask .   Imp...

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